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About JJL FInancial

Juan Lewis is a financial services professional within the Greater New York area. He has been working in the financial field for over ten years.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Juan has learned firsthand the hardships families can face without having a knowledge of finance. To his dismay he discovered that his grandfather was misinformed on the specifics of his life insurance policy. His wife was not able to collect the death benefit which would have covered the medical expenses that piled up due to his illness. Juan used this event to shape the way he counsels his clients.

Beginning his career in 2004 with Primerica Financial Services, Juan learned the basics of insurance and developed fundamental strategies in retirement planning.

In 2008, he moved on to be an agent with John Hancock Financial Network where he improved his knowledge in investment strategies and life insurance planning.

In July 2010 Juan joined MassMutual where he discovered a passion for financial literacy and education.

In the fall of 2012 Juan worked with Gerstein Fisher to continue to solidify his skills.

In January 2014, Juan Launched JJL Wealth Management.

In 2017 after starting his family. Juan decided to work with Allstate in order to learn how property and casualty insurance and Life insurance can partner together to totally protect families and businesses.

In 2021 He has partnered with SIAA/SAN Group where he continues to offer excellent service to his clients and provide a variety of financial services and products to ensure the growth and safety of families.